Step One…

It occurs to me that the first step to walking on water is to be willing to take your shoes off & get a little muddy. It requires us to quit making excuses and start making steps forward. We don’t know if we’ll sink or swim but we will surely be far more alive, wise, and faithful if we take that first step (and all those that follow.) If we are undeterred by the initial sensation of sharp rocks beneath our feet and mud between our toes, we can then move toward the water. We are drawn to it. It beckons us, humans have always been drawn to it, but as Christ followers, we are offered the opportunity to experience things already intriguing in astounding, dare I say, miraculous new ways, but it requires risk; we cannot remain on shore and have this experience. We must be willing to risk it all, but rather than being afraid lets just take that first step and then…

Here’s to a new chapter together; thanks for walking with me. -SImage


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